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Available Services

Couples Coaching 2 hrs ($222)

Couples often struggle within their relationships due to poor communication. Whether it's money, sex, parenting or infidelity, healthy communication is the key to a successful relationship. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is one of many tools that can build connection and bring couples closer together. Perspective is everything. Velina can help you see where the weak links are in your relationship and offer tools and concepts to heal and rebuild.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching 90 min ($175)

If you are choosing to work with psychedelic medicine on your healing journey, Velina is trained and experienced in supporting her clients to have the safest and most effective experience. She offers integration coaching, education and awareness as well as safety precautions to assure that you are well-informed and supported in your choice. Whether you are microdosing or journeying with high doses, safety and integration is vital. Velina does not promote, encourage or sell psychedelics of any sort. 

Individual Coaching 90 min ($175)

Our journey to wholeness begins and ends with us, alone. Velina approaches the individual from all angles, body, mind, emotions and spirit. She can help you find your way back to your essence and find peace and empowerment through an integrative approach to your whole being. Her tools and intuitive ability to see what will best support your journey is comprehensive and masterful. She will cater each session to your very unique and individual needs and desires. 

Couples Massage Instruction  2 hrs ($250)

Couples are often seeking better ways to connect and deepen their intimacy. Many couples haven't learned how to touch each other in a way that gives them a sense of true connection, trust, resonance or satisfaction. You will learn basic massage skills that don't tire the giver quickly as well as mindfulness, intention, communication and presence skills to reach each other in the deepest and most profound way.

Stress Buster Treatment 1 hr ($111)

This 1-hour session is just a shorter version of her usual sessions. Whether you just want to talk and process your week, get an audio/visual relaxation treatment (involving high-tech equipment to accelerate deep relaxation with guided meditation), a card reading or all of the above.  A lot can be achieved in this 1 hour Stress Buster session! Velina has many tools to treat the body, mind and soul so that you may feel more at peace and ease in your world. 

Brief Consultation 45 min ($85)

This is often for those who want to check in over the phone or zoom in between in-person sessions. Velina's in-office treatments are a luxury but her wisdom and intuitive gifts are accessible from afar.  She makes herself accessible via text and email at no cost and her level of commitment and presence to her clients is rare and indicative of her genuine care for her client's wellbeing and commitment to her work with you! 


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