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Holistic  Life Coaching & Integrative Wellness

Are you ready to rediscover your true essence and feel the joy of being alive?

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a holistic transpersonal coach, Velina can help you navigate the complexities of life and find your way back to your true self. She believes that you have the power to create the life you truly want. You may just need a little guidance and encouragement along the way. When you step into Velina's office, you are entering a portal where anything is possible. Come discover why her clients are raving about her...


About Me

Velina Lujan, MA, CMT

I was born and raised in Martinez California. I was called at an early age to travel and explore the world, always an out - of - the - box thinker and fascinated with psychology and what drives human behavior. During my formal training in graduate school, I was exposed to a world of alternative and complementary ways to heal. After a decade working in medical social work, I saw the limitations of western medicine and mental health. I developed my career while living in Colorado where I lived for nearly 20 years, cultivating awareness through personal research and formal training. I continue to stay informed of the latest and most effective treatments for depression, anxiety and trauma. It is my belief that the primary cause of these conditions is the lack of connection to the divine. This is why I studied and still practice transpersonal psychology. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


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Located in Historic Downtown Martinez

505 Estudillo Street, Suite 7

Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 695-7155

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